Alcohol Is finally Celebrating  it’s Victory In you. It’s Stuffing Your arteries, Thanksgiving turkey. It will devour you. You set It’s table For it, Every time. Admitting it entr…

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I grew up thinking those thoughts nearly every second after 5:30pm in the evening when his car was back in the driveway and I knew nothing would have been done right nor could we ever do it perfectly enough that he wasn’t angry. I am 38 and still remember the fear that used to course through me like fire. I was terrified of my own father for many years. Sometimes I wonder if his memories killed him because he was trying not to feel, think about or remember something. I know because I followed him down addiction row AKA death row. I have made it out and will have a year next month. Not one person is proud of that for me except me and the great dichotomy that was my father.

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